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Influence of bioethanol fuels treatment for operational performance, ecological properties and GHG emissions of spark ignition engine

Project acronym: BIOTRETH Duration: 06/2013 - 12/2015 Budget: 3 867 553,00 PLN Partners: Oil and Gas Institute - National Research Institute and Western Norway Research Institute Scientific coordinator: Zbigniew Stępień read more


  • BIOTRETH Project finished – summary report

    The core finding of the project was devising and then development and optimization of the highly effective multifunctional detergent-dispersant additives packages fitted and compatible with high ethanol-gasoline fuel blends. Using of the novel multifunctional additives package containing detergents and other active chemistry at the correct treatment level can by-passing the technical challenges involved with ethanol-gasoline […]


  • BIOTRETH Conference finished

    On November 25-26, 2015 in the Inn Holiday Center City Hotel a BIOTRETH International Conference – ALCOHOL FUELS FOR TRANSPORT – BACKGROUND, RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT was held in Cracow. Conference, organised by the Petroleum Processing Division of the Oil and Gas Institute – National Research Institute (INIG-PIB) together with Association of the Oil and Motor […]


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Engine tests
Studies of surface and interface tension of ethanol gasoline doped with new detergent additives will be performed by Willhelmy plate method. The results will be correlated with engine test performance. It has been postulated that assessment of low level additized and non additized ethanol-gasoline blends, including 10% (V/V) ethanol (1st generation from biomass fermentation or 2nd generation lingo-cellulosic) will be tested in a 60 hours simulation dynamometer engine tests following the CEC F-20-98 test procedure with Mercedes M111 test engine.